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Aug 7, 2013

Superior Resurfacing scoops BEC Business Award

superior resurfacing business award

Superior Resurfacing was recently awarded the BEC Business Award

Superior Resurfacing was recently awarded the BEC Business Award. Superior Resurfacing talks to BEC about their business.

Congratulations on being the recipient of the BEC Business Award. Can you tell us a bit about what this award is for?
Thank you. The BEC Business award was awarded to the best new business as determined by the Business Enterprise Centre (BEC). It is awarded to clients of the BEC who have excelled with the help of a BEC mentor. The business mentor had to nominate a business they thought highlighted the excellence that exists within the BEC network. It is a way to recognise the benefits to communities that excellence in service and innovation can deliver.

That is wonderful, well done. What is it that you think makes you a stand out business within the community?
We are a family business, consisting of myself, Geoffrey, my wife Diane, my daughter Amy & my son Jack. We give a personal touch and treat every customer the way we would like to be treated. Even though we have the potential to expand we have chosen to keep the business strictly family as we know this will allow us to continue to treat our customers in a professional and personal way. We are forever hearing about trades people who don’t respond to phone calls, don’t show up when expected, or make things difficult for the customer to even obtain a quote. We return all calls, respond to all emails, turn up to all appointments. If in the rare occurrence we are unable to make a prearranged appointment you will hear from us. We contact our customers when we say we will. We stick to our word.

You mentioned you have the potential to expand. Work must be good for you?
Yes. We are usually booked up to 3 weeks in advance for kitchens, however still have the room to fit in bathrooms amongst it all, usually booked a week or 2 in advance. We have had to cut back on advertising as we found we had too much of a demand! Word of mouth has been a major part of our advertising. Past customers are so happy with the job they have had done, and had friends and family – even other trades people- comment on the difference resurfacing has made. They then get us out to give them a quote, and so on.

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