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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use Superior Resurfacing?

We are a member of a network of independent resurfacers, Resurfacing Australia, the only one of its kind in Australia. To be part of this network we must be professional, licensed, independent resurfacers and abide by the highest standards of resurfacing, quality assurance of product and advanced techniques. As part of this network we are also bound by strict standards including state regulatory compliance to ensure the workmanship you receive is of the highest quality. Because of our membership of this network you can be reassured that all the information we tell you is true.  Please look at the Resurfacing Australia website for confirmation.  There are so many resurfacers in the market place who do not work to our standards and are using sub standard products. You can be assured that our membership of Resurfacing Australia guarantees that the product we use is the very best available as is our service.

Also, we are a family business and are NOT franchise affiliated which enables us to keep our costs down along with allowing us to keep up to date with information and break throughs with new and advanced products.

We pride ourselves in the prompt, reliable service we provide.  Having been in business for over 30 years we know how important it is to look after our customers.

Is the product heat resistant, will it yellow or crack and how hard/strong is it?

PolyGlass™ Polyeurethane is an amazing product in that it provides resilience to cracking during expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations. Unlike epoxy enamels and motor vehicle materials which are used by many of our competitors, our product will not crack or yellow over time.  It provides a surface which is harder than acrylic or enamel and provides excellent stain resistance and colour retention.

Is the material you use paint?
No, our product is PolyGlass™ Polyeurethane; purpose designed for kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

What about fumes, are there any and are they harmful and will my other surfaces be protected?

Our range of products is low in VOC's – Volatile Organic Compounds and are the only bathroom and kitchen resurfacing products to receive the approval for the new USA EPA Clean Air Regulations. When a product takes 24+ hours to cure, the volatile toxins are in your home and are breathed in by your family. Don't take this risk; the cure time of our product is only 2 to 4 hours. No other product available can match this. Your home will be protected by masking film over all surfaces not being resurfaced and the HVLP – High Volume Low Pressure spray system we use maintains the balance between over atomisation and the quality finish. This reduces the overall fume load.

It's just an additional benefit that you can resurface and save up to 70% in replacement costs as well as help the environment.

How long will the new surface last?

Your new surface will last as long as your existing surface, in fact we know that our product is superior to a lot of the existing surfaces we resurface so, in fact, it will probably last longer. We do, however, provide a written, not verbal, 3- 5 year guarantee and stand by this guarantee.

Will my bathtub have the same finish as the original finish?

Our product PolyGlass™ Polyeurethane bonds directly to the bath tub. It has the same look and feel of a new tub.

Is it going to be more difficult to clean?

It will actually be easier to clean especially the tiles.  Once an area is resurfaced, the surface has a film over porous areas, grout lines and damage. This means the surface will require only a simple detergent, and no bleaches, and abrasive harsh chemicals. This also means your grey water is cleaner and less toxic, an added bonus for the environment.

Is "reglazing" the same as "refinishing"

Yes, they are both describing the act of preparing and refinishing porcelain, tile or laminate fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen.

What kind of surfaces can be resurfaced?
We can resurface absolutely any type of surface including timber, laminate and tiles. However, we cannot resurface toilet bowls.